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I was a high school senior. It was one of my history classes towards the end of class. Our teacher always put CNN on when he was done lecturing. Most people didnít pay attention. But I did. At first you just saw this building on fire. And then I saw the second plane hit. I yelled that a plane hit the second tower and at first no one believed me. But the news played it over and over again. It was all people could talk about. Our high school decided to forbid teachers from having the news on or talking about it which of course didnít work. There was a lot of uncertainty. Some people were afraid that there would be an attack on our city which was Indianapolis and I joked that there really isnít anything of value worth attacking here of all possible places. My dad told me to get gas but by the time I got to a gas station there were lines wrapped around and I didnít feel like waiting. All after school activities were canceled. The next day felt somber. My dad is an air traffic controller. He was off the day it happened but had to go in the next day. His work was barricaded and he had to have his entire truck searched as well as his person before he could go in. I remember him having to work a lot and coming home exhausted.

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