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Is this how people without eating disorders live all the time? Tell me.
I wake up wonder if I'm hungry and eat something I want.
Than I just do my day and when I realize I'm hungry I again wonder what I would like to eat.
I eat exactly what I want. Only rule: eat some vegetables with it for vitamins.
After eating i just do something else with my day. I dont think about food during this time.
When its for example 7 pm and im not hungry i dont eat just because its food time.
I dont eat after dinner to calm myself. This was a big problem for me.
I go instead 1 hour earlier to bed and read interior design blogs. ( this is not mandatory. This is what calms me down the most. )

I said goodbye to all other rules. ( like calorie watch, carb watch ...)

How can it be that its so easy ?

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