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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
Father Malley is a narcissist psycho.

Mark writes a well-thought out email response countering all his ridiculous claims with legitimate facts.


This man cannot be faced with any sort of truth or facts, and he's such a weird liar that nothing he's said can ever be taken seriously. Did these interactions, the chili story, any of it even happen? This factor of $250,000 keeps coming up, he's about to do something very shady with money, bet on that.

The squatter thing - he's clearly about to be scammed, his kids are warning him about that, but he just angrily fires back with the equivalent of "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BE GREAT? YOUR MOTHER KEPT ME POOR AND NOW YOU ARE TOO!"

Itís another way to punish his kids. If only they would give him the $500k like he so kindly asked the house could have easily been theirs. If only they had visited him more then he would have known how important some of the stuff in the house was to them.

He fully expects that once he spends all the money that he has for his kids to bail him out. And I hope to god they donít. And that they are able to keep their mom where she is. My blood pressure goes up every time he writes lol. That man is infuriating.

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