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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
Father Malley is a narcissist psycho.

Mark writes a well-thought out email response countering all his ridiculous claims with legitimate facts.


This man cannot be faced with any sort of truth or facts, and he's such a weird liar that nothing he's said can ever be taken seriously. Did these interactions, the chili story, any of it even happen? This factor of $250,000 keeps coming up, he's about to do something very shady with money, bet on that.

The squatter thing - he's clearly about to be scammed, his kids are warning him about that, but he just angrily fires back with the equivalent of "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BE GREAT? YOUR MOTHER KEPT ME POOR AND NOW YOU ARE TOO!"
He makes me appreciate my father more. My father is just annoying sometimes and tries to start semi conspiracy theories and talk about why the Iraq war was REALLY started for example. (I have no insides, sorry. We told him to stop he got mad but stopped eventually)

Otherwise everything awful Keith’s father does my father would never do. He is there, he cares, the likes doing fun stuff with the grandkids, he is responsible with money and very suspicious about religion in general. My father is turning into an angel in my mind, especially because the father of Mr Apia is also a useless narcissistic egoist.

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