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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
AAAAAAND!!! Dave talks about missing the Stonewall Gays [emoji3481] - the person who threw the brick at Stonewall was a Black trans woman!! So you won't even respect the people you so revere! Fuck!
This is a weird phenomenon with civil rights history. People that complain about current activism look back at activism in the past like it was way better back then.

Thing is, civil rights activism is usually not popular at the time. Ever seen the political cartoons from the 60s about MLK? Awful, racist garbage. Now they're asking "Why can't activists now be like MLK?" even though they'd have complained about him had they been alive then too. In a few decades, whatever the next civil rights movement is will be compared to "The BLM Era" or some similar phrase. Conservatism/opposition to equality never ages well, and has to get disavowed by the next generation of conservatives even though their beliefs stay largely the same at their core.

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