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Originally Posted by bluenova View Post
Rod and Newsy are a fun combo to have on the show!

I re-listened to episode 1630 with McNally and it was a little wild because Chemda said to McNally "I really am waiting for the rant about us", AND that she expected a podcast after he left. Danny was on the show, so maybe that idea planted in his brain then.

On the show, McNally talked about how he was aware of his anger issues and that he said shitty things. He just did not care about how it affected other people and he didn't believe he could change because it's part of his family story. So that tracks, he still doesn't care about what he did affecting you guys.
Thank you collectively me and Newsy are the GOAT!

Even though I said bad things about McNally I want people to know I had a friend just like McNally who died. And that friend thought I was the GOAT as well.




I'm the GOAT
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