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Originally Posted by Liquid View Post

What does the KATG audience feel about this?
I enjoyed it, Mateo Lane is great, but since then I've kinda got a love/hate relationship regarding Andrew Schulz. I liked the fragrancy, and still do but idk man. A lot of what they talk about just isn't all that funny or interesting. They're just bullshitting around. I was a patreon supporter up until a week ago and then I unsubbed because I found my self audibly saying shut up several times in the weeks prior and switching to something else. I'm still subbed to the normal monday/Tuesday episode,

I did enjoy the Neal Brennan episode. That was like a comedy masterclass.
I did enjoy this week's Tony hawk Episode, that was great.
I do enjoy him on brilliant idiots with CTG

I mostly like his clips on YT. Shits funny
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