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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
i’ve never experienced birth, but i do have chronic kidney stones. to the point where i suffered sepsis AND hypothermia followed by a ureteral stent for two months. been to 10/10. luckily your brain goes wonky to protect you. also, drugs.

men like to compare that to birth and let me tell you, i’d rather the stone. you pop it out and things feel better real quick. after a baby? that’s where the nightmare begins. i cannot imagine that level of trauma to my nethers to then go home and recover while a monster screams at you and gnaws at your cracked nipples. the fuck?! no thanks.

the lesson: all men are whiny ass trash babies.
I never had a stone so I can't compare. Also unless the men aren't trans men who had a baby before, how can they compare?
But what you should consider is when you wanted the child there is also:

Being greatful to have the child, love, feeling warm inside, feeling a deep connection, new experiences, being proud to be able to give so much to a new human. It's not easy but it's rewarding. Breastfeeding was for me good after the first 2 days of getting used to it with no pain.

Try this with a stone.
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