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Yall, I was losing it at the accompanying care package unboxing video. Is there something about Israelis living in America that makes us chef's kiss when we see bamba? Because that was my reaction to the unboxing one second before Chemda's in the video.

Barring crazy covid changes, I'll be in Israel next month and I'm bringing a suitcase full of stuff for my mom+family (as one does when visiting family who don't have access to Amazon Prime). I plan on filling it with bamba and bissli before I head back to the US.

Also, I describe bamba to the Americans as cheese puffs but peanut butter instead of cheese. I think it's more accurate on the crunch factor than less crunchy cap'n crunch.

Edited to add: Mazal tov, Chemdoosh! Ad me'a ve esrim!
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