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I've worked at UPS a long time, so I'd to provide some insight. Before I want to say I don't make any decisions and don't agree with most of them. Everything UPS does is based on cost. They don't want to pay a driver to bring you 1 package. They want to make deliveries where its a large drop of packages. It's not the drivers fault they come and go quickly. They have managers up their ass all day. They are told how long each stop should take. You see the driver, but the truck is loaded with things that tell management knows what they are doing all day. When they are backing up, opening doors, getting out of the truck. We used to get a frozen turkey for xmas, but they stopped about 10 years ago. This week they spent 10k painting walls and handrails in our warehouse because a big shot was maybe going to stop by (he didn't). My point is UPS as a company is only driven by profit on every decision they make.

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