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Originally Posted by Svage View Post

Someone is dying over spreading the gospel of Squid Game in North Korea. And yet, Keith had the gall to say it sucked. You have it pretty good here sir. Some aren't so lucky. /s
I know it's /s but seriously never believe a thing you hear from Radio Free Asia. Their job is to lie about the DPRK/North Korea and China. Even NK News from RoK/South Korea called bullshit on this one. Usually the crazy stories about the DPRK fall apart but corrections never makes the same media splash that sensational stories do. They did this in the cold war regarding the USSR, and are now trying it with China. If a country isn't letting global capital run their shit the press claims it's a totalitarian nightmare. Check out We Went To North Korea To Get A Haircut for something short, and My Brothers and Sisters in the North for something more heartfelt.

Edit to add: sorry for derailment

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