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We are not quite sure where we are now here.
The cases are rising, but we did have more before.
On the other hand, now I heard about people semi close to us who died.
The neighbor of Mr. Apias mother died, she was 50, a cancer survivor who was extremely careless, she wanted to live her live to the fullest now, bad timing. She went to a restaurant with a big group got it and died.
My trash father in law had covid, but had the booster so he was just sick at home. But his conspiracy theory fan employee was in intensive care and his wife died. Both unvaccinated.

We in Germany are doing good with the booster, better than at the start of the pandemic with the first vaccine. 40% got the booster already.

Our kids, 6 and 9 got also their first shots, the approval for this age group only came 3 weeks ago.
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