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I have also no idea.
We have reduced contacts a lot again.
Today I thought I might be permanently changed by the pandemic, or at least for a long time.
I would love to come to New York for KATG week some day again, but I donít see a close future in that I would feel good taking a plane. Also here at least most of the people take the measures seriously, you have to wear a mask to practically everywhere unless itís an outdoor activity in a small group.
Iíve never seen anyone without a mask in a supermarket or official building ever since we have the pandemic.
Iím sure it happens sometimes but not very often. The social pressure is very strong to behave.
( there are of course people who refuse to get vaccinated, why shouldnít we have idiots here also, luckily everyone Iím in some kind of contact, friends and family is vaccinated and mostly boostered)
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