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Originally Posted by Friz View Post
The part I always found fascinating is the Johnny Rotten outed him in '78 but the BBC squashed it (and Johnny) for years.
Yes but Jonny Rotten was an abomination in a society that was so conservative, the general public viewed Jonny Rotten as reprobate . Many people would have looked down on the victim’s in some way. He regularly entertained the same people who were supposed to be the people in society who punished the types of crimes he committed, senior police officers, academics, senior medical professionals, senior council leaders, our Primeminster and even The Queen. He was a strongman who’d use his position to silence anybody.

Look at the situation we know about in the Catholic Church, people still turn up at Church every Sunday despite the horrific abuse across the world. My local Priest got exposed as a child abuser and the paper was full of letters defending the Priest! Most people don’t like to rock the boat.
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