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I wonder what the personality trait is that makes a priest a priest. Up here in Canada we are dealing with the fallout from discovering that thousands of native children have died in the residential school program primarily run by church centric groups. One out of 50, children died.

Imagine the arrogance of a group that thinks they know how to raise children better than the parents do, largely because the society the would be raised in doesn't meet the churches standards and then they loose thousands and bury them in unmarked graves.

I guess this is what you get when you convince a group of people that they are the conduit of God.

It is clear that this is what Keith had to grow up with. It is like being raised by a mentally ill person. What is clear is that Keith's Dad believes he is infallible. That is truly fucked up in a lot of ways.

No vulnerability, no humility, just the smugness of thinking you know everything.
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