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It is my experience that a lot of men operate and react in fear, and they get in touch with there true feelings when they stop operating out of fear.

My experience with my Dad is that he would yell and be angry at times all thru growing up, and even when I started working. However, when I got a good paying job and was responsible in that sense of life, he started to respect me more. It was like a switch went off.

I was implementing a project at a company I was working at and stayed thru the night to train the afternoon and night shifts at a paper company that I worked at in IT (this was 1986, mainframes and terminals), and came home at 6am and had a shower and was heading back to work, and he had made me a breakfast sandwich.

It was literally like he was relieved that I was going to be able to fend for myself, as I apparently understood what it took to get and keep a job.
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