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Originally Posted by nordcharonmir View Post
His FBI file has his statements as planning to commit murder-suicide when he spoke to the appointed mental health professionals a year or two back. Was also his stated intent for his school shooting threats. Also put rifle to his neck when cops arrived and kept it there throughout negotiator talking him down and surrendering...that's where I got the planned to kill himself idea from.

Very interesting how his political views are being intentionally obscured if this was the case. Given you have read some of these you think his political views are being discussed or that just his racism is being discussed in the media? Did he talk about gun control constantly b/c that seems to be item 2 after racism? What did he say?

Both are absolute horse shit. Haven't heard anything about the false flag suggestions from journalists...I've only seen trolling "Glowie" posts from stupid people.

Because he was fucking stupid and read those troll site idiots and couldn't understand that they are wrong and almost always trolls who don't believe that stupid shit anyway....this is the exact same issue with him buying into that "replacement theory" thing. At this point it appears he is a mentally handicapped child with mild to severe aspergers and depressive best and at worst psychopathic or schizophrenic but either way...of course he couldn't tell the difference.

That is an incredible clearly don't understand my positions. This is the EXACT thinking I've been trying to dissuade. This guy has a lot more in common with Rod and Billy Pressita than me, incredible how you could miss this. Maybe because he published long manifestos and I write long posts b/c that's where any similarity that really how simple this is that you could think something like that...that's just incredible.
Let's be clear here, this manifesto is 100% white supremacist justification for targeting blacks and replacement theory, with quite a bit of anti-Semitism, however, he justifies that there are jews that are ok because they don't take his tax money. His discussion of race is by far the biggest part when compared to politics. In short his politics are very much a back seat to his race views and his call to go to war.

He talks about gun control in terms of he decided to do the attack in New York because less chance of getting shot by a civilian.

He has a message to Conservatives, a message to Democrats, but this is very small compared to the pages and pages about race and "the jews".

A very large percentage is the research he did into weapons and protective gear and ammunition, basically to pass on the knowledge to others it is close to 50% in terms of volume.

From what is in the manifesto, it will be very difficult for him to be declared non-compos mentis, he states specifically, he knows what he is doing, will plead guilty and will do jail time happily for the cause.

In know you think that the racial part is being over played, but it really isn't this was 100% racially motivated.
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