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Points of clarification from this episode;

1. He used an AR-15 chambered in 556. I haven't seen anything that indicates the guard was wearing body armor too. Level III will stop this round, almost all commercially available armor is III or above.

2. This gun type used for hunting; it isn't used for hunting deer, elk, moose etc b/c it is an under powered round. That is why almost all hunting rifles are chambered in higher calibers. 556 and 223, which is what AR-15's shoot are vermin and anti-personnel rounds. Second amendment isn't about hunting, it's about the perceived ability to resist tyranny.

3. Chemda's point about pro gun people saying if others were armed the bad guy would have been taken down. This was an express reason why he attacked where he did, he feared that in other places as a CCW holder might take him out too early.

4. Threatened to shoot up the school and was dismissed - wrong, he was on the FBI's Active Terrorist Watchlist. 1 of 6 "in the region" not sure if that means county or Upstate or what. He was required additional mental care, was required by NY state law that the professional reporting mechanisms report him to authorities and the red flag database which requires all sorts of follow ups etc. I can't get a second source on this but also saw he was even on the no fly list.

5. Threatened to do a shooting at Grad - true also threatened earlier in the year which put him on the initial local PD watchlists, additional threats escalated it to FBI wathlists. Also wore a full hazmat suit and gas mask for a week and told multiple witnesses it was because he was putting poison in the HVAC system, when reported he told faculty it was due to being scared about coronavirus.

6. Shootings in real life take seconds or a minute - Correct, the average is 3 seconds at a distance of about 3 feet with 3 shots fired.

7. So many mass shootings this year - Correct but check your numbers - may be using inaccurate definitions (4 or more casualties not counting the shooter is technical definition) - actually 273 since 2009, 61% occurred in private residents, 1 in 3 perpetrator were prohibited from firearm ownership, most weapons were owned illegally, more than half of perpetrators showed many signs that would allow red flag laws, more than half are domestic abusers (not counted above as warning signs), 16% of mass shootings using what NY defined as an "assault weapon", only 1 has actually used an assault weapon - illegally obtained through military. This one is highlighted and will be a media mainstay even though way more people were killed in Milwaukee in mass shootings the same weekend but those aren't as useful narratives.

8. 180 page manifesto - correct but only about 5 pages of original writing. Mostly filled with memes, product information and copies of other manifestos.

9. Keith's maliciously ending his quote on location motive - full quote "(REDACTED) has the highest black population percentage and isn't that far away. [Keith stopped here conveniently] Plus NY has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I know that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms."

10. He has online advocacy of far right interests -
Originally Posted by nordcharonmir View Post
I 100% agree with you that his main issue was racism. Racism and politics are exclusive ideas despite the fact that many political ideologies try to leverage racism, but they are still two different things. point was that the media is intentionally misleading their audiences about the political motivation. Example - Almost every single media outlet has called this guy Alt Right, or Right Extremist. Though his manifesto is totally written from a far left perspective (mostly copy and pasted from another far left author but the new additions here are in the same path) as in making everything about racism (this is a cornerstone of postmodernism), he even openly admits to his political believes which minimizes the readers duty to understand poli psy;

"On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist."
11. Far right means murder, far left means marry my couch - Incorrect, most shooting perpetrators who have political leanings are left of center and also more likely to want to fuck their couch. Including this one see above.

12. Why are white people so afraid of being the minority - they aren't, only psychopaths. Also, white people have been the minority in the USA for some time already. Only when "white" includes everyone with lighter skin are they attributed with majority.
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