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You said, "most shooting perpetrators with political leanings are left of center." I ask for your source because that doesn't mesh with the information I have. I was clumsy in my usage of "domestic violence" because I didn't mean it in the context you took. I was more referring to "domestic terrorism." I did not mean domestic abusers. Here's a link to the Times story and I recognize they're using analysis from another source:

The claim that racism is a cornerstone of postmodernism is wrong. Postmodernism seeks to include voices and perspectives that up until this point have often been left out of the discussion. If those oft-ignored voices lament the racism they've experienced, I can see how racism could seem like a central tenant. But it is not though it should be indictive of something larger in the culture. That is, the US is racist. (Also, because authoritarianism fall to the right of most types of governance, I do question if you can legitimately call yourself an authoritarian leftist. That's probably a different conversation, though.)

Which bring me to systemic racism. I do not think that being ignorant of structural racism in this country precludes anyone from acting racist within that structure. Why? Because it was built by white people that privileges the white experience while creating systems that hinder other people from succeeding. White supremacy isn't about white people as a majority. It is the belief that white people are inherently better and deserve to be in control because of that. I brought that up to address this:
Why are white people so afraid of being the minority - they aren't, only psychopaths. Also, white people have been the minority in the USA for some time already. Only when "white" includes everyone with lighter skin are they attributed with majority.
There is something real behind people's reaction to being called "racist." First, I think because structural racism hasn't been explained to them or they reject it, they are unaware of the ways the system benefits them at the exclusion of others. But also, because they get lumped into a group of people you call "psychopaths." I don't know of many people who want to be psychopaths, and by equating psychopathy with racism, people will be even less likely to consider anything they do as racist. That said, a person's racism can be casual. And yes, I have dealt in racism in the past. I may have been unaware of a particular racist history but that does not mean the effect was not still the same. I bought a line handed down through history that hurts somebody else. I can either dig my boots (or whatever fabulous footwear I have) into the ground or recognize that because I still interact in a society, the things I say and do affect other people and can choose to stop doing the best I can. If it's not clear, let me say, I do not think most people are "racist" but most people participate in things that have racial/racist histories. How you react to that news is the important thing to me.

I'm using my phone so my responses aren't as elaborate and succinct as I'd like - but that's my fault. (Also long covid has taken a toll on my brain as I usually have to do a bunch of editing to get my points across. I didn't do that here. It's mostly the stream from my brain which often doesn't make sense anymore.)

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