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I got to see J.P. McDade in Baltimore! It was a pretty great show!

Hmm, Keith's Dad can't put into words what he thinks about in regards to what Keith has said or done? That's a fucking first. I think he finally realize the truth Keith has been telling him all along: His son sees his bullshit, isn't playing pretend anymore, and is publicly talking about him. He might be attempting to be very mindful of what he says… and the strain of trying to do that while act on his anger resulted in a very weak attempt at trying to shame Keith.

You know he was looking forward to telling everyone caring for his wife, his chili recipe best friend, and all his kids to check out the article. Keith really saved people from having to skim that long article enough to pretend to have nice small talk with him.

I checked out the article and it had a photo. If that's your Dad's apartment, I'm very curious why there is a clock at the floor.

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