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What stresses you right now?

I loved when Keith talked about what stresses him right now. What about you?
Your stress?


1. my dog has heart problems. She is so far fit but needs medicine every day and there is no healing for this disease. She coughs sometimes more, sometimes less the medicine helps but some days are just worse, who knows what. I was at the vet and did expensive check ups but it’s not completely clear why she coughs. She is 12 and rather tall, so she might die soon. But I think for a year now that she could die soon. It’s stressful and makes me sad.

2. the new variants of Covid seem to be not great at all, and the people who got sick recently here had it bad. I don’t want it that’s for sure but also I don’t want another lockdown.

3. my company is in some kind of mega restructuring process how the company will look in 6 months is not really clear. People are nervous and it shows.

4. my therapy is soon over and I’m afraid how I will cope without.
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