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What's stressing me, I'm M29,

What seems to be permanent pain in the heel of my right foot, I have to walk around a bit after being off it to get it to subside. I'm afraid it'll be for life and it will lead to disfiguring my foot like a bunion.

Pain in my lower back at the moment, I think it's kidney stones. If I sit for s while and then get up its I'm doubled over in pain and leaning to one side to compensate for the pain. It's manageable after walking around a bit but still ever present.

Rent. Shits expensive, my lease renewal is coming up and I'm afraid they're gonna price me out of here. It's california so supposedly it can be a max of 3% increase but idk. With the way the world is going what with law not being respected idk if I can trust that they won't raise it more than 3%.
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