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Originally Posted by Rune View Post
To answer the poll, it depends tbh. Camping, sure. Hanging out with his people separately, absolutely. Wanting to do things alone, no the confines of the state.

If he wanted to go alone to say, an exotic locale, like that kind of vacation, my ego might take a hit (why doesn’t he want me to come?). And I’d definitely be suspicious. I think it’s actually worse for my suspicions if he went completely alone in that context vs with others except myself.
I also voted no. We have two children, 6 and 9 years old and we both work full time and share responsibilities.
Mr Apia going on vacation alone would mean that I would have to take time off from work just to manage home life or ask my parents if I could move in for this time. They would have to do Mr Apia's part. ( they would but imagine the conversation and the questions about the state of our relationship)
And the kids would be sad too.

It would be possible but would require lots of communication beforehand. So I would mind. A weekend alone would be fine. A whole week, more complicated.

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