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Massage (even what is marketed as deep tissue) to "break up" adhesions is not a thing. This is talking to the dead level silliness. If you like getting rubbed on cuz makes you feel nice that is one thing but has 0% efficacy for the claim. Trust the science.

To the point in this episode about the under trained officers. Do you guys get why defunding their training budgets and affirmative hiring rather than merit based hiring has been argued against so much?

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Shouldn't we have the training go to good guys. Maybe a how to close and lock a door training. Or a basic CQB training for officers, etc?

In this episode I believe there was also a discussion about school shootings and political violence etc. that you guys almost accidentally stumbled into the actual issue of mentally unstable people committing violence but were quick to bring it back to guns again and not the actual perpetrator of violent acts....that was a close call.

May I briefly point out examples of the validity of my points I have made prior to being muzzeled by your censorship:

1. Make guns illegal = law abiding citizens disarmed when they abide by the law. Law breakers will just break laws.
California Law Enforcement Seeing Sharp Increase in Weapons Without Serial Numbers
ABC loves to say things are "ghost guns" without clearly understanding what that means but point stands, this is direct response to recent additional gun grabbing laws there. Also see Park shooting in downtown LA, strictest gun laws in the USA...weird right how softest targets and areas with least guns is where the shootings happen, almost seems the opposite of your views?

2. Violence (specifically interpersonal gun violence is always what is meant when any pushback applied) is only an American issue thus it must be deduced to be a second amendment issue is absolutely wrong. Please see Abe's assassination with a homemade firearm, it has been illegal to own a gun in Japan since WWII. This one is actually even more salient due to it's illustration of a prior point I made about violence will still occur even if the fantasy world where guns are all gone but the technology still exists in the world. Also, see this mornings British Columbia shooting in Canada. Guns don't exist in Canada according to the haircut who dictates there.

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