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Air Fryers are the best! It's like a microwave but better. Most leftovers reheat great in them. Pretty much anything in the frozen foods section of Traders Joe's works out.

Reheating pizza is life changing. Maybe not as much to a NYC resident who can get a new fresh slice anywhere, but a great option if you have a slice laying around.

Chicken nuggets are a solid option. Both frozen from the store and just hours old from a fast foot place.

French fries of course are great. We've tried frozen onion rings and they have been okay, but not as good as from a restaurant.

Egg rolls, lumpia, taquitos, other stuff that would normally be deep fried are all good choices to try out.

Keith, just to cover the bases... if you have any of the following items in your house but you aren't using them, give them a try...
Microwave oven
Wireless headphones
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