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Originally Posted by bag of lazers View Post
I live in a college town so I'm surrounded by people in their early 20s and I can't imagine dating, much less marrying one.

Dane cook has 10 years on me.

Even if he hadn't groomed her from when she was a teenager this would be a yikes ass situation.
I'm 40, and I'm in college, and I've made a few friends! I didn't expect to. But I've made some fellow adult-friends, and even some younger-adult friends. It is nice to relate with them and chat, but I couldn't see wanting to date then marry someone with that big of an age difference.

I think it's odd that he had some kind of game night at his home... met her at his home.... like what is this? Who's he inviting? Was she a friend's kid or something? This isn't the organic meet-cute he thinks it is.
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