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I was in the hospital for over a week following an invasive hip surgery called periacetabular osteotomy wherein they cut my pelvis into 3 pieces and rotated my hip socket and then put it together with long ass screws. I am lucky to say I had good experiences both with the nurses and physicians. My surgeon even came in on Easter Sunday late night to check on me 4 days post op even though he had traveled out of state that day to see his family - even though his physician assistant had already seen me. He really cared about me and my outcome.

Years later I got a boob job and my surgeon for that was awesome too. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could text him with any questions or worries as I recovered and he even gave me free laser scar lightening treatments. He was so kind to me.

Iím a nurse practitioner and Iíve seen the good the bad and the ugly but Iím so fortunate my own hospitalizations have gone well so far.
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