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What you experienced at the hospital is absolute BS! Hospital management at this location has failed you, however, I think they tagged you as drug seeking. Seems steps of care align with drug seeking intervention rather than properly treating and the jumping to morphine to "shut you up" and give you no info also smacks of drug seeking in your file to just give you what you need to get you "well". This is on Hospital Management Policies also.

Just so you know what the standard of care for triage of muscle spasm is oral muscle relaxer with a "wait and see" time to see if that works. If symptoms continue an intramuscular muscle relaxer is the next step (this WILL work). Pain management is a secondary decision and this sounds to me as malpractice to treat with pain management only. Morphine is counter-indicated for what was described in this episode. If this was given after an NSAID and an Opiod (wasn't said exactly but sounded like it) they absolutely could have killed Xerxes, this is WAY worse than anything else described about this horrible experience and you have grounds for legal action if this is true.

To actually address the issue and not just play pain management game (incorrectly) I highly recommend Xerxes get imaging of his cervical spine ASAP. Strength loss? Numbness? The recurrence sounds more like spinal than anything like an electrolyte issue or anything.

FYI- the annoying verbal name and DOB on every interaction is required now in NY.

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