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I am lucky to not have needed to go to the hospital often. They have fucked up in some way the majority of the times I have had to go. When I was in the 5th grade a guy hit my side of the car, and I needed stitches in my face from the glass. Was in the hospital for a hours for this and NO one noticed I could not use my right arm. They cleared me to go and I then had to point it out them. In highschool I cut my hand cleaning a tall glass and even though I had my own insurance from my job, they wouldn't do anything without contacting my parents. After a few hours we finally got ahold of them and I was finally stitched up, I ended up getting an infection and it needed to be re-cut open to remove the infection because they never prescribed me anti-biotics. Dentist too. I also only had 3 wisdom teeth, but they fucked up the x-ray somehow and they cut in the wrong area.

I'm currently pissed off at my current doctor because something is wrong with my side. They found nothing and she said we'll just wait until it hurts and then do exploratory surgery? Something is WRONG NOW, why are we waiting until it gets BAD? In good news, I found a physical therapist that has been helping release and re-align the muscles. Turns out that my ab muscles were stuck from an injury and when one set of muscles can't function right, it affects a whole bunch of other muscles. One of my back muscles was being pulled from my spin and was wavy instead of straight. Imagine the extent of the damage that could happen with the plan to just wait until shit hurts to consider another solution.

Our hospital set up is shitty and you really have to look out for yourself while depending on these people to know enough to help you. It's so frustrating.
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