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Iíve had two bad experiences from the same event. I had a strep infection kill the nerve behind my knee. While it was killing it though it was excruciating. Worst pain Iíve ever been in. I was treated like a drug seaker and sent to get an ultrasound on it with no pain meds. I was literally shaking due to the pain-she made them give me meds. Second time I went to a different ED who finally believed me and admitted me. They almost killed me in the hospital hooking me up to dextrose because someone told them I wasnít eating. When I in fact was. Iím a type 1 diabetic. I had developed cellulitis which is a bacterial infection. They had no idea how to manage my diabetes because I was on an insulin pump and instead of trying to learn-they made me call my diabetes doctor, took my own blood sugars etc. at the point the pain was so bad I couldnít sleep. I was on day 7 of almost no sleep and on morphine-trying to manage my blood sugars and just happened to look at the bags. Stupid me for trusting that I needed everything they gave me. Explained the 500-700 blood sugars I was having. This happened in Indianapolis. Most everyone was polite and acted like they gave a fuck. Incompetence damn near killed me though.

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