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On the poll:

I think it's about partner communication (as most things should be), but I don't understand the buying new beds, too (I've met several people that think that when a relationship ends, things like beds or other things need to be new before a new relationship). That's a no way from me. Wouldn't date someone that thought this way, either, though, so eh.

Personally I have no issues sharing as long as you wash them well (which you should be doing anyway).

On dogs:

Larger dogs can do more damage, and should never be left alone with kids. But most dogs shouldn't, ESPECIALLY if the kid is a "stranger" to the dog. My uncle almost lost a finger (no exaggeration, you could see his bone almost the whole way around) to a dog about 10 pounds. Had to have skin grafts on his hand and all that.

However, I do love bully breeds (just dogs in general), and will say that they used to be considered nanny dogs (that's why the Little Rascals had Petey - a bully. This was common, actually). But breeding has caused dogs brains to get....weird. And am less and less surprised when bred dogs snap. We've completely fucked them up (breathing issues, mental issues, joint issues, etc.) for looks.
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