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Lura 07-01-2015 08:10 PM

Robot Kills Worker at VW factory
Robot kills worker at Volkswagen factory in Germany - Boing Boing

DJ Trashy 07-01-2015 08:54 PM

fuck this

PsychoLoco 07-02-2015 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by DJ Trashy (Post 845258)
damn, was coming to post this. Nice catch.

Except you missed my Judgement Day post about the same thing, with TWO FUCKING MISTAKES IN THE SUBJECT LINE! (the date and Judgement misspelled)

Just kill me.

My Sweaty Balls 08-14-2015 06:43 PM

"VW said the robot had not suffered a technical defect."

Good to know

mesut 10-09-2015 01:24 AM

Raise of robot begin?:mad:

huyhoangbeetour 11-02-2015 10:36 PM

I really identify with Paul's point of view on swearing. I appreciate comedians much more when they make analogies without swearing because there are so many other words that have the potential to create a clearer picture or stronger connection than most of our swear words. I find that the comedians who don't use it as much generally have more imaginative ways of telling jokes, and I appreciate that very much.

True or false? I loved the bit about guessing.

Looking forward to LA shows this weekend!

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