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The Girl 01-24-2012 03:24 PM

18: From Wesley to Whitney
Whitney talks about her experience with transitioning from a male body to a female body.

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chelseagirl19 01-24-2012 05:35 PM

Absolutely fascinating show!

BrianAlt 01-25-2012 05:23 PM

While I'm going to listen to this entire episode, I have to be honest and say that I find it difficult to listen to.

BrianAlt 01-27-2012 07:24 AM

This was a fantastic episode. But as I said before, it wasn't easy to listen to. Dick chopping just never sounds cool. Also, her voice is so in the middle between masculine and feminine, so it's a little freaky. It was good to look at her picture. That made me feel a little better.

Sorry if I'm not being PC. Just being honest.

Dean from Australia 01-28-2012 05:03 PM

I'm in the middle of listening to this episode right now and I'm utterly riveted.

I've nursed patients in the process of transitioning and I even nursed a woman who was post re-assignment (who developed a horrendous infection in her new vagina). I was young and I'll admit, I struggled with the notion of transitioning.

Hearing this episode, I get it - I totally get it and I only wish I had listened to something like this then.

My only concern for Whitney is her desire to seek re-assignment in Thailand. I've encountered some examples of botched surgery from patients who've returned from SE Asian countries and it's horrendous.

Be careful is all I would say.

Beautiful episode.

littlp 01-29-2012 04:09 PM

Thank you Chemda and Whitney for doing this show. I feel that this is an extremely important show that can educate so many people who have no idea what gender reassignment entails as well as what the person physically and mentally goes through it. I loved this episode and will play it for several of my friends who have questions on this topic.

albi 02-04-2012 02:02 AM

Whitney is beautiful (inside and out) and so is Chemda. I loved this show.

Bucho 02-17-2012 01:09 PM

I liked the episode too and hope for nothing but good things for Whitney and look forward to hearing from her again in the future. I do gotta admit that near the start I was similar to Brian in terms of worrying how much I could listen to Whitney's voice but one thing I realised during this was it's not homophobia that turns me off from that fey, camp way of talking, it's the accent itself.

I don't know how you'd characterise it per se but I think it's something like "valley girl" and that accent is irritating to me even if it's coming out of the mouth of a smoking hot bikini model who's telling me she wants nothing more than to tear all my clothes off. I guess some accents are just in wavelengths not meant to jive with some ears no matter what gender or orientation they're coming from and it's a bummer that a lot of gay guys or trans ladies end up with one of those which works against wider acceptance in some ways. And oddly the typical accent of the camp British dude doesn't bug me one bit, and in fact I can listen to a guy like Alan Carr all day long, which is another thing which made me think my problem's not actually coming from homophobia.

And Whitney's accent became no problem once the conversation got into the groove anyway, so I don't want to make it sound like a bigger thing in relation to this episode than it was.

lizzy1e 02-17-2012 01:25 PM

Great episode and Chemda asked every question anyone has ever had on the subject and Whitney was so good-natured about answering them.

andyoureuglytoo 05-22-2012 12:03 PM

Just listened to WMN 11: In This Economy and I was bothered by Marga saying that she doesn't care if gay people come out.

I couldn't put my finger on why until I started listening to this episode.

Chemda was telling Whitney about what she said to PsychoTeddy and coming to realize that it wasn't a "problem" only after she started dating Lauren.

Whitney went on to say, "It's so much easier when you can look at someone that you know or love or care about or can relate to, then you realize it's not an issue."

That's why gay people need to come out.

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