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crazy4having3 08-14-2012 11:18 AM

Man, these episodes were good. I was as impressed by Kyle's insight as I was frustrated by McNally's complete dismissal of every point Keith and Kyle tried to make.
McNally, you have always been one of my favorite guests and this interview made me really sad for you. You are wasting so much energy on this bullshit. Even if your family grew up as the poorest people on earth, why does that matter? Even if your brother is THE worst drug addict who ever lived, why does that matter so much to you? Why is it so important to you that everyone think your family's situations are so much worse then anyone else? Does that change YOUR life in any way? Do you win some kind of award for having the most fucked up family? No. It doesn't and you don't. So, let this shit go and move on with your life. Torturing yourself by wallowing in the fact that your family (which you seem to have little to do with anyway) has some problems that you can't do anything about, is getting your nothing but unnecessary guilt and anger. You are very talented. Put all that passion you have for hating America and carrying your mom's past and present burdens into something that you love and will benefit YOU!

That is all :)

dannyhatch 08-14-2012 01:18 PM

Man, there's so much sadness in this episode that it's tough to listen to. I would say, for anyone hammering McNally, he (along with Keith and Kyle) was very, very gone. Think back to the last time you were that drunk. Were you stupidly belligerent? Did you shout and say things you regret? Of course. You were a moron. Because that's what alcohol does. Disagree with his beliefs all you want—I certainly do, and he's become one of my good friends lately—but bear in mind the context of the situation before you write him off for good.

Also, fuck that guy for saying my Bane impression was "horrible." I rescind everything I just said.

trustincharlie 08-14-2012 02:44 PM

Danny has a really good point about the context of the situation. Except some of McNally's points he makes while sober. (i.e. Fuck New Brunswick, New Jersey). However, I do have to say while the first episode was kind of annoying (McNally just ranted about how poor he was) this one actually made me tear up a bit. At one point when he is talking about his mom and AL-ANON you can kind of hear him doing that little kid cry where they no control over themselves. After hearing that I started hearing this same lose of control in his yelling. McNally has some serious demons which really show in this episode. I really liked Keith's point about stop yelling about the jocks and pick up some weights. Really poignant.

Bucho 08-14-2012 03:24 PM

The hardest thing to get my head around is why McNally's suffering is expressed in almost a sporting context. Like it's the International Competitive Suffering League and McNally has his (broken) heart set on bringing that gold medal back to New Brunswick. And why would he bring it back to New Jersey anyway? So confusing.

But in addition to the fact he's obviously off-his-tits drunk, it's so clear that McNally's raging demons are born out of his broken heart from his lost brother that you pretty much have to be heartless not to feel for him. If Keith Malley can sit in the room with McNally and take the full force of that firestorm of hate for his beloved America and still react so outstandingly level-headedly (and frequently hilariously) then I can't be frustrated at or pissed off at or hateful towards McNally.

There's a particularly touching moment where Keith responds calmly to an episode of McNally's full volume blood-letting and you can almost see the red mist clear from McNally's eyes and there's a sense of relief and gratitude in his voice as he says something like "Thank you for fighting through the shouting fits". At some points it was almost as if he was possessed, but Keith's refusal to be mad at his friend for how wildly he was behaving kept acting as that release valve. Kept grounding the charge.

Kyle was great but after a while it was clear the way he was shouting back at McNally wasn't helping because McNally couldn't be broken out if competition mode. It was only feeding the beast. It was Keith Malley's calm, oddly affectionate verbal jiu-jitsu that kept bringing the whole thing back on track when it continually threatened to derail and explode.

Lanfear 08-14-2012 04:12 PM

Oh my I am not even halfway through this but I think I need to listen to this in short instances.

I have so much I would want to tell or talk to McNally about but a) we are not friends so it is none of my business and b) I don't think I could stay as calm as Keith or Kyle so it is probably best if I just say nothing.

Kyle --> outstanding job you did on this episode, there were lots of things I would have said that you brought to the table; it is not your fault that McNally was in no state to listen or accept any of it.
If you are serious about accepting money for a sandwich fund post or PM me your paypal I'm happy to help.

andywebs 08-14-2012 04:29 PM

Best spinoff
I don't know how drunk Keith (Malley) was, but Kyle is clearly wasted. Wow. So impressed they were able to deal with all McNally's bullshit. I don't know if I can listen to anymore katg show with him on it until he comes back with a doctor's note.

That said hands down, MNIK is officially the best spin off now. How do you top this?

trustincharlie 08-14-2012 04:36 PM

I think why a lot of people have a problem with McNally is that we aren't his friend and that's why it's so surprising that Keith Malley and Kyle (for most of it) were so understanding. they are friends with McNally and want to understand him. if this show was a new guest or a guest Keith wasn't friends with it might have ended in a shut the fuck up or a punch. I don't know how close Kyle and McNally are but McNally's bullshit seemed to be really getting to Kyle towards the end there.

Rommorwen 08-14-2012 05:08 PM

I need to vent on this episode.

First of all, McNally is a spoiled brat. He has the emotions of a child. I think he acts this way because he wasn't given a chance to grow up. His mother is doing him a disservice by sponsoring him and not letting him grow up and be accountable for himself.

Keith/Kyle's suggestion for a group thing like Al-Anon is a great idea. I think it would be so beneficial for McNally to see that he is not the only person in the world who has problems, and people even have the same problems as him. Unfortunately, McNally is not ready to grow up. It seems that something about wallowing in self pity is appealing for McNally's adolescent brain.

I don't think McNally should be excused for his behavior just because of how drunk he was. That's just my opinion.

One more thing. Although Kyle had many valuable insights, repeating the sentiment of "just get over it, stop letting it affect you," is useless after a certain point, but I completely understand that frustration.

I have never felt so strongly about a guest. I can't hate McNally because I don't think it's entirely his fault that he's so fucked up. He's so annoying, but I just feel sorry for him. I really hope that he will decide to work his shit out and come back in a few years and be functional adult.

bw81 08-14-2012 09:25 PM

*Warning - I move in and out of directing comments at McNally and talking about McNally in the same paragraph, sometimes the same sentence! But I have a job to do and can't be bothered tweaking now.*

I love McNally, he's a good guy, and kudos to him for being so open that you could almost count the chromosomes. I hope he listens to the episodes and hears the genuine concern his good pal, Keith, has for him and gives the meeting thing a chance. If there would be anyone who could get through to his brother, it would be McNally since he spent the most time with him growing up. But without sorting through his own problems, I don't know if he can even convey anything other than "I'm sorry, your whole life is my fault" (which is most definitely is not).

There were some things that rubbed me the wrong way but it would have been a pretty boring show had McNally just said, "Oh... I never thought of it like that. Pip pip, lets all hold hands." His opinion may not match mine in a lot of ways but at least he put his side across.

Being taught the importance of money and to not be so frivolous with it at a young age is a great lesson, one I intend to instil with my children. But I hope that when they grow up they realise they need to fend for themselves and become independent. I will ALWAYS be there to lend a hand if they need it in any way, and I could see me handing out a big wad of cash if they were going on some big adventure. But if they are completely able to go out, get a job, and support themselves, I am not going to spoon feed them. They need to know they are their own person, responsible for their own lives and $1000 a month I could hand out to you could be going towards my own retirement or a holiday for me!

Respect and honour what you have been taught by practising what you preach. Live your life and be proud! How proud were you when you moved to Vancouver by yourself and supported yourself? You can feel proud as shit every day and maybe one day send your mother on a nice vacation to New York with the money you have earned.

I met McNally and know he is a good guy. But like all of us, he's got some demons. But unlike all of us, he has a good group of people around him offering their support and concern. You should be grateful for the kind offer Keith made and just go sit and listen.

Edit: Forgot to give mad props to Kyle, you have got your head screwed on and your thoughts articulate everything that was running through my head. Even, "Fuck, I'm tired."

Kyle and Adam both doing security at the same time for the MNIK show... the greatest fuckin ting.

DWarrior 08-14-2012 11:50 PM

Rich kids don't always turn out bad. I know a bunch of well-off kids who were put through ivies they have good jobs and are living it up.

The trainwrecks on TV and the ones you hear aboot irl are just the ones who are entertaining/noteworthy. Somebody who went on ski trips/vacations every year as a kid, went to an ivy, went to wharton on parents' dime, and makes 100+ out of college working 100 hours/week doesn't really come to anyone's mind.

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