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Me_aint_ignant 08-24-2012 01:42 AM

I really felt for McNally in this episode. It made me tear up when he remembered old times with his brother and how his brother is gone from him. That is pure hurt and it is obvious that this fuels a lot of his issues. I feel for him and hope he gets his brother to rehab with his mothers help. Work together to solve this problem and try and save your brother.

Tryclopss 09-02-2012 04:26 PM

Canadian Card Rovoked McNaley

I HATE to clean but I must say My Name is Keith is the antidote for my domestic time now. I managed to make chicken salad, egg salad and clean my kitchen from top to the bottom while listening to both parts.

Canada is not small, sure population wise but don't make it out to be like here up north we're all envious of USA.

On a more lighter note, I feel you about your brother, I know my husband struggled with his sister but the best thing he did is move on with leading his own life. Eventually all the preaching sunk in and it took for her to change her environment let alone leave the city where her son is located to start the healing. She watch our kids for a year and the kids occupied her so much that in a way they became therapy for her not to fall back on drugs Plus she is part of one of the best rehab program here in Montreal. We are super proud of her today and I pray, hope for you to move forward and for your brother to find a light bulb in starting some kind of recovery.

Keith LOVE the show I am hooked! And look forward to the next show in order to clean our kids room cause it is a hot mess.

shoebootie 09-05-2012 10:17 PM

These two MNIK shows were the hardest to listen to. McNally could on one hand make you feel sorry for the sadness in his life, the addiction and poverty in his family. In the next breath, his complete lack of empathy for anyone else (a la "fuck brolo's brother") broke any kindred feelings there might have been.

His mother grew up poor and he is doing a disservice to her hard work by not making something out of himself. He has the resources and the talent.

His whole family is poor, so so poor, somehow this is twisted to him having an appreciation for the handouts he takes monthly from his mother?

Maybe he could assuage some guilt he surely feels inside if instead of him taking money from someone every month, he could give that money to the people in his family who really need it?

It just made me so mad to listen to... nobody in the history of ever knows how hard it is for him, no one could possibly know the terrors of having an addict in the family like him. He has the worst of everything, no one else could possibly know suffering. It's not a misery-off!

There was so much sadness to listen to, and I think that if McNally felt better about who he was in life by being a productive member of society, he might exorcise some of these demons inside him.

Where do I sign up for the Buy Kyle a Reuben fund?

picard102 09-05-2012 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by shoebootie (Post 732763)
I think that if McNally felt better about who he was in life by being a productive member of society, he might exorcise some of these demons inside him.

How does that make sense? How many people do you know that are happy they have to work?

shoebootie 09-05-2012 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by picard102 (Post 732765)
How does that make sense? How many people do you know that are happy they have to work?

Not many people are happy that they "have" to work, but being able to provide for oneself, living your own life and being productive lends itself to a general sense of pride.

LilMissF-U-UP 09-06-2012 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by shoebootie (Post 732766)
Not many people are happy that they "have" to work, but being able to provide for oneself, living your own life and being productive lends itself to a general sense of pride.

I agree. He seems extremely proud that his mother was able to escape her circumstances and become able to support herself. If he accomplished the same, he might be able to let go of some of the guilt that's haunting him. (It's odd that he feels so much pain over her upbringing but not his own.)

I came back online to vent about part two of this episode, but I see that McNally already posted that he can see why he's not so loveable anymore. No point in fussing at/about someone when they already acknowledged they were wrong. :)

What I do have to say is that I'm at 51:50 of part two and I am sooo impressed at how Keith is handling McNally with such a level head. He's not getting sucked into the yelling and baiting- you can tell he's truly concerned for his friend and truly wants to help. As eye-opening an episode this was regarding McNally, I'm seeing an interesting side of Keith as well. Not that the compassion and sensitivity weren't already there. Maybe it's just that without Chemda, he was forced to be the voice of reason?

angiethestrange 10-06-2012 06:38 AM

I am totally late to the game ... but McNally is infuriating!

I was gonna write something but, there is just too much to process. I have bullet points:
a) stop crying about crying
b) being really poor is not a prize, stop bragging. There are worse things than missing pizza day at school, and jeans.
c) Canada is *not* tiny, and on average the household income is higher than the USA.
e) Why does he keep saying "OMG MY MOM HAD TO DO CRAZY POOR SHIT!!/MY BROTHER HAS DONE UNBELIEVEABLE THINGS!!" but never says what they are? Makes me think that maybe, he knows they aren't actually that impressively terrible.

that's all.

ImStillToni 11-07-2012 10:35 PM

Stop yer bitching!!
These two episodes alone are making me pop my forum cherry (and what made me finally get VIP).

Firstly, I wanted to cry for and then beat McNally. Severely. But I recognize when a person is in any type of denial, common sense and logic slip thru the cracks. All I will say is I'm GLAD this fucker hauled ass back home (esp after "fuck Brolo's brother") and hope he can work thru his shit properly.

Secondly, my love for Keith grew exponentially after these two shows. Keith already had me due to his bromance with Brolo, but the kindness and true concern over McNally touched me. Nothing is hotter than an asshole with an occasional heart of gold....who hates wearing sleeves.

Thirdly, as far as a rich or poor perspective, our (all Americans, some Americans, just me, who knows!) worldview is often limited. While I am not dismissing Mcnalley's drunken rants as being incorrect or inacurrate, after being in a 3rd world country I can say North America is RICH so let's all STFU and do some SHOTS. Especially you, Canada...what's that a-boot?

PS who the hell never heard of Al-Anon before?!?!? Is it more of an American thing and possibly called something else outside the US? How has McNalley never seen Intervention?! I know teenagers who know what Al-anon is, that's just sad imo

andyoureuglytoo 03-12-2013 02:16 AM

Apparently, I only joined VIP to be pissed off. Between this episode and WMN "Godless" I've been shitting a brick to post on the forums.

When McNally started this podcast, he made (some amount of) sense. But into part two, he lost all lucidity.

It's true! He argued with almost everything Keith said, but agreed with Kyle when he said the same thing. It's like McNally is still caught in his early twenties...

I understand why he decided to go back to Canada.

KATG isn't the same show it was "back in the day." Sometimes, I wish it still had that DIY feel. They've gotten so professional... However, I'm incredibly proud of how far Keith and Chemda have come.

It really has been a privilege to watch them grow over the years. It's like watching a good relationship evolve. Chemda and Keith aren't the same people who started the journey of "KATG" but that's only for the better.

Kyle (TJ...dogboy) once made me a card. It said, "Some things get worse with age..." and had a picture of an apple core, a bag of trash and a dirty diaper. Then it said, "Some things get better with age..." and had a picture of wine, cheese, the KATG logo and then said "Our relationship. Happy anniversary!"

He's right.

And it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate 8 years of KATG last week. I only hope I get to spend another 8 years growing with Keith and Chemda.

But my point was that McNally, in life, hasn't shown the ability to evolve. So it makes sense that he wasn't able to evolve with the show.

Another one bites the dust...

UPDATE: I just had to tape together my smart phone because I can't afford another one. NO ONE HAS HAD IT WORSE! NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. (Even though my brother is a drug addict and I was the one who encouraged him because I thought he was "cooler" when he was high and now he's addicted.) (Oops.)

Scumhook 07-07-2013 12:14 AM

What a little fucking bitch McNally is.

I'm a relative noob, so I don't have the context & history many of you guys do, but fuck me that was painful.

Reminded me of the old joke
Q: How many Vietnam Vets does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

And fuck anyone who goes on an interview show with the attitude of "fuck the host".

What a cunt.

Fuck him.

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