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DJQuad 10-24-2013 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by Seanmcn (Post 783024)
Huh? Who/how where you trolling?

47: Gossip Friday


Danny once suggested that I apologize for "insulting" his listeners. That was some funny shit. He's young, naive, and awkward so I didn't hold it against him.

Most of the TTSWD threads get around 500 views. That one, 23,000+. I didn't even get a "thank you".

Keith 10-25-2013 03:21 AM

You don't get to write anymore DJ. This is McNally's thread. It's all he has.

This can't be about you.

DJQuad 10-25-2013 05:24 PM

I indeed forgot it's all he has. Carry on.. heh

iheartnihilism 02-16-2015 11:36 AM

Holy fuck what a lunatic.

arty 02-16-2015 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by iheartnihilism (Post 839469)
Holy fuck what a lunatic.

McNally or DJquad?

iheartnihilism 02-17-2015 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by arty (Post 839475)
McNally or DJquad?

Either, but I meant McNally.

FingerLakes 06-14-2015 11:19 AM

this shit was almost impossible to listen to. The first episode, while his character was amazingly obnoxious and full of himself and completely dissicociating from his own issues by focusing on how poooooor his parents were, at least was coherent. I wanted to just start listening to some Madonna and stop this episode for the 40 some odd minutes where he is becomes the chosent hero for Canada and rants about HOW AMERICA MAKES US FEEL ALL THE TIME. WE CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT YOU! HOW CAN WE? YOU MAKE US FEEL LIKE WE'RE BEHIND YOU!? what in the actual fuck?!

Now I can listen to the main MNIK that references these two eps.

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