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Keith 09-15-2017 09:42 PM

42: The Other Side
Keith and Chemda discuss Keith’s life on the other side of marriage and drinking in a special live My Name Is Keith. Listeners ask Keith personal questions as the two talk clarity, sobriety, his relationship with his parents, shame, embarrassment, living alone, and Keith’s upcoming visit to Pound Town.


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Miosio 09-17-2017 11:50 AM

First I want to say, i loved the show and this was the first time I listed to a live show all the way threw on the app. I'm using the app more and I love it! I have now hooked my husband onto katg and we listen together a lot of the time.

I love these episodes. I'm glad Chemda is there to give Keith some perspective about these situations and doesn't just sit there and say " oh that's terrible you didn't deserve to be treated like that" she tells it how it is and can see the other side of things. It still does suck what keith is going threw and I don't mean to minimize that but the fact that chemda can call him out and doesn't have to pretend everything is one sided like a lot of people do after a break up is refreshing.

My favorite part is Chemda trying to explain how Kat felt when put into an uncomfortable situation and why she might have reacted that way even if others found it to be "silly". I honestly think Chemda should be a life coach and many listeners (including myself) would pay for the chance to have a session with Chemda and get great advise from her. I know it's a long shot since she is so busy with the show, personal life and health but its just an idea ;). Keep up the great work guys!

FingerLakes 09-17-2017 05:36 PM

Why would you hang up on your parents if they start crying? Do you just not want any emotions from them? Do you not trust their emotional response? (By that I mean, wouldn't them crying and feeling bad for you feel good? They are potentially empathizing with you, right?)

re: "We're working on it"
Chemda! Are you secretly going back to school to get a degree in psychology or something?

Most importantly, Keith, I am over 30. And I love the A-Team.
Also, If you wanna piss on my couch, or me when I'm on a couch, I wouldn't judge you at all

punk'n 09-18-2017 10:02 AM

Chemda DOES give life coaching lessons. I assume that's what they were referring to with Elvis.

What happened with Danny?

Great show again!

Keith 09-18-2017 11:31 AM

You can can see Danny and Rosa on the forums threatening some kind of tell-all about what goes on behind the scenes. He left in not the best way, and the threatening really soured my milk.

Todd 09-19-2017 08:15 AM

How pissed is Keith going to be with his doctors if one month after going on the wagon, his newfound health includes two perfectly functioning knees?

Keith 09-19-2017 10:29 AM

I'd be SOOOO mad and not happy at all.

FingerLakes 09-19-2017 12:31 PM

more questions
You and Catherine still talk and hang out in a pretty significant way (she helped you find somewhere to live and all that). Do you still argue and if so in the same ways as before The Studio?

Keith 09-19-2017 01:12 PM

Of course not.

kevinquinn 09-19-2017 03:33 PM

some might benefit from this Chris Gethard piece on sobriety.

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