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Michael's Servant 01-21-2016 11:00 AM

153: The Morning Zoo Crew Rides Again
No, thine eyes donít deceive thy. Or thou. Which one is it? Who cares, because itís the very first episode of Itís 2016, You Still Listen to Podcasts? featuring just the core Morning Zoo Crew since November 2015. Thatís more than two months! And boy, oh boy (or girl, oh girl, Iím not sexist) is this ever a standard episode of Seriously Though Dude, Podcasts? And Not Even Serial? With a winning combination of stilted delivery, poor storytelling, and half-hearted improv, itís like the Original Fab 3 of podcasting never left. Whoops, gotta go. That commercial with that guy I like is on right now. Bye!

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