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dannyhatch 01-10-2015 12:47 AM

82: Playing the Field
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Let's get 2015 GOING!!!

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Fan Question:
Brother Love,
My bf and I of 8 years have reached a crossroads. We are different people which for a long time was a good thing- I'm very outgoing and affectionate while he is quiet, private and reserved. I respect and love him for who he is but lately I'm wondering if maybe we should try something to spice up our relationship. I suggested seeing other people. That maybe we can have an open and honest relationship, which he says he is into.
I have since been seeing someone who has lit me on fire. I don't know if my bf has been seeing anyone and I although I feel alive, I'm feeling guilty as well.
Is this just a phase or are we growing apart? He's the sweetest guy and I don't want to hurt him. Am I being selfish? Or should I stick it out?
Thanks for your help,

Keith 01-10-2015 02:38 PM

Did I catch this right? Brolo feels weird not remembering the guy's name at the gym that we soon find out is condescending to the way Brolo works out?

He's a stranger!

Brolo thinks the best way to play it is to talk faster: "Hey man, how was your holiday?" as opposed to just, "Hey man?"


This is what you do next time, Mr. Love.

You say: "Hey... man." Nice and deliberately slow.

"You don't know my name yet, do you, Larry?"


The End. Fuck you.

P.S. I loved the open relationship advice to Andrea. Dead on as far as I'm concerned.

Enunciated Piffle 01-13-2015 02:01 AM

I wrote 8 paragraphs and have edited it because it was just too damn long, (and still didn't have all the info).

Long story short: my best friend has this new girlfriend. She's always with him. Even when I'm like, "let's get a beer and catch up" and he says great, (that he can't wait to have some time away from this chick...the dude shows up at the bar...with this chick!

She mistakes arguing for intelligence. Hates any comment that doesn't follow strict feminist law. Like, I made the mistake of saying "Male sexuality is different than female sexuality." She fucking lost it. My friend had to walk away as his girl preceded to just say "No" to everything I said.

She smokes all the pot. Never buys a drink. Is a contrarian who argues everything. She's a hot, stuck up, hippie chick. I'm not fucking her. I want nothing to do with her.

I live in a small mtn town. I keep running into friend at store etc He's like, "Hey give a call. We should hang." How do I explain that his new girlfriend is a pain in the ass? Like, if she wasn't around 24/7 it wouldn't be a big deal. Do I just wait for someone else to mention this or what?

Thanks for reading.

Scumhook 01-13-2015 02:21 AM


also, it sounds like you're gay

Enunciated Piffle 01-13-2015 05:49 AM

...yeah... It kinda does. Not tho. It's a long story. I left a lot out.

This chick is controlling. My friends a med pot clinic provider, a hippie, and not really paying attention to what's going on.

He's like lets hang out! Totally oblivious to his ever present gf.

Also, Scum, just because you're dying of aids doesn't mean every other other guy is gay. it's you who got drunk in Thailand and thought anal with some chick with an Adams apple was a good idea.

Don't put yer drunken bad decision on me bro :D

Scumhook 01-13-2015 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle (Post 837229)
it's you who got drunk in Thailand and thought anal with some chick with an Adams apple was a good idea.

her hands were a bit rough, bbut (s)he knew her way around a penis.


xubuntu69 03-21-2016 04:45 AM


also, it sounds like you're gay
hahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!

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