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Michael's Servant 02-20-2015 11:00 AM

88: Right Down the Line
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Brolo heats up this Nashville ice storm!

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Fan Question:
Dear Brother Love,

I recently met my newish girlfriends mother and well what can I say except -
She is NOT an attractive person to say it mildly. My girlfriend is really pretty with a great body. Granted her mother is in her 50's but really? She's not THAT old.
The kicker is that everyone thinks (including my girlfriend) that they look exactly alike!

Should I be worried?
"I'd be killed if I signed my real name"
KATG 10 years strong!

Keith 02-20-2015 01:18 PM

You gave the girlfriemd's mother your show?!

What's wrong with everybody around here? My goodness.

Re: Hugsy: Hugsy and I believe we were misrepresented. The plate in the picture, as you can see, was ridiculously tiny. Hugsy and I were experimenting.

Thank you.

Dean from Australia 02-20-2015 03:34 PM

LOVED the Jerry Rafferty talk Brolo! I vaguely knew of his association with those tracks you discussed but I was boppin' my head on my bike on the ride home from work this morning as you were singing them.

Here's a snap of Billy Connolly and Jerry Rafferty taken around the late 60's.

Billy Connolly is one of my favorite comedians of all and it was sad to hear that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease only recently.

Here's a clip of him playing some Cripple Creek down here in Australia just a few years ago.

BrotherLove 02-21-2015 01:37 PM

The whole album City to City - Gerry Rafferty is just spectacular!
Love ya Dean

tempfoot 02-22-2015 01:14 PM

Hi BroLo,

Fun show as always. I was cracking up listening to you being perplexed by the point of non-flushable baby wipes.

Flushable wipes have to be able to come apart in the sewer or septic and are more like wet TP. Baby wipes on the other hand have no such requirement, and when you are changing diapers, frankly you don't want them coming apart. In any case, it does not matter at all that they aren't flushable, because you use them with diapers...which definitely aren't flushable. With disposable diapers, you pretty much just end up wadding the wipes up inside the diaper and chucking the whole thing. Yes, this ends up smelling freaking horrible.

For disposable diapers there is even a thing called a diaper genie, which is essentially a sealed trash can with a neverending trash bag tube so you can twist it after each 'deposit'. The idea is that this creates an additional seal. This is great in theory and all, but soon the entire rancid assembly seems to ferment and take on an unholy odor of its own. I'm glad my kids are wellllll beyond that age.

Thanks for the if I can just get that Baker Street earworm out of my head!

BrotherLove 02-22-2015 03:19 PM

WHEW I'm glad we got to the "bottom" of THAT!
thanks tempfoot

Dean from Australia 02-22-2015 07:00 PM

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I can't recall if you've ever discussed this in your Pick of the Week in the past, but I am a huge closet fan of Boz Scaggs. I was playing my LP copy of 'Silk Degrees' this weekend after listening to the show and I can recall that both he and Gerry Rafferty (spelling corrected from my last post) were big at roughly similar times.

I wonder if you're a fan - or not - of Boz Scaggs music and whether you'd consider talking about him on the show in the future.

Scumhook 02-22-2015 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by tempfoot (Post 839670)
when you are changing diapers, frankly you don't want them coming apart.

Maybe you don't want them coming apart, Mr Generalisation.

Not all of us feel the same way.

There's nothing like the smell of fresh baby poo on your fingers to get the blood rushing to your nether regions.

And then you can pull the old "Oops, the baby wipe broke and I accidentally slipped a finger up your kid's anus" trick.

Dean from Australia 02-23-2015 12:54 AM

Here is perhaps my favourite track off Silk Dgrees Brolo. The bass/drums combo does it for me...

NilFC 02-28-2015 08:49 PM

If you want to go down an awesome 1970s music rabbit-hole, go to Youtube and search for a band or artist with "midnight special" to get their performance live on Bert Sugarman's show. Like "Heart Midnight Special" or whatever... then just surf on through the recommendations for the next few hours.

Some great music in that decade, and a lot of them appeared on that show.

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