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dannyhatch 03-20-2015 12:19 PM

91: Virgins and Throw Pillows
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I'll make the bed, baby!

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Fan Question:
Dear Brother Love,
My recently ex girlfriend has tickets to see Fleetwood Mac. Our break up was amicable. We've actually broken up several times and always end up getting back together for sex.
I have a girl visiting the same weekend and am feeling a little guilty about it. She actually leaves the morning of the concert.
Should I go to the concert? Do I tell my ex about the girl coming to visit?
I don't want to be a scumbag but - it IS Fleetwood Mac.
What would you do Brolo?

Keith 03-20-2015 02:17 PM

Brother Love: "She'd come home, and I'd have her favorite childhood memory - her only safe place, even beyond being home - hung or stepped on [paraphrasing]. ANYWAY..."

I thought he was going to say that he washed her favorite doll when she wasn't looking.

Nope. Jesus...

YES!, people please post pics of your throw pillow situation.

I invested in (2) nice pillows so I wonder if that's the thing with these extra pillows. Maybe the ladies are just trying to figure out how to get comfortable, but they think, "Why spend money on pillows when I keep coming across these little shitty ones for free?"

Back to the show. BRB.

Keith 03-20-2015 03:24 PM

Just heard the virginity story.

I completely understand her trying to get to know Brolo again. Wha ya gonna do. I also completely understand him being curious about what she's up to, and if she now knows what she's doing.

I keep tabs on Facebook about the girl who took mine. She HAPPENS to be an absolute mess now...

Maybe I fucked her stoopid (by being done in 2 literal seconds)?

Okay, BRB

Keith 03-20-2015 04:32 PM

"The first breakup never takes."


I like the way Brolo knew what the e-mailer was really asking.

He wasn't asking about the concert. Could have been Fleetwood Mac, could have been Shania Twain, could have been Poison. He knew exactly what the guy was saying.

"I will cheat at this concert. Thoughts?"

Also, there's the confidence you get when you're happily taken. That's what they smell.

Feast or famine, they say.

One last thing: I do wonder if Brolo really bought the Mets tickets he agreed to.

"Fun news, Brolo! I sold my opening day set of tickets for extra so we'll just use yours and dinner's on me!!!"


Enunciated Piffle 03-21-2015 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 840781)
I keep tabs on Facebook about the girl who took mine. She HAPPENS to be an absolute mess now...

Lol. Gotta love Facebook.

I stumbled across Katie's FB page a few years back. A thousand years ago in Michigan, she was the early developed body/ pretty face, zero self esteem, fellow 9th grader, gracious enough to take my virginity.

We started talking again on Facebook. Catching up. She now had 3 kids and was married to Brandon, (the shithead jock who used to kick my ass and call me dirty hippie). Nice.

I did, (what I always do with old Michigan friends) and told her if she ever traveled out west to stop by. I'd show her some hot springs/ cool spots etc

Oh. I forgot to mention. Katie, (who had always been that special kind of skinny, that makes big tits appear even bigger) had ballooned to what appeared to be 200 pounds. That's a 'me being nice' guess-timate. She confessed she hated her husband and missed me. We had never even dated, but she remembered how nice I was.

So yeah. As an acne ridden/ awkward teen, (who never felt cool) it's kinda great to see people from high school, (once so attractive and athletic) now fat and ugly, living out a white trash existence. It just feels right.

Enunciated Piffle 03-21-2015 12:51 PM

"Do I go to the show?"

Do I go to the show :rolleyes: Are you fuckin' kiddin' me??? OF COURSE YOU GO TO THE SHOW!!! YOU ALWAYS GO TO THE SHOW. What the fuck is this, communist China??? No. This is America. There is no curfew. There's nobody whose got ya by the balls. You take that ticket and you go.

As I get older, I notice more an more people, not making the show. It's been a long day. They got kids and need sitters. They got an early morning at work tomorrow. Let me say this about that.

LIVE MUSIC, (especially kickass/ must see/ legends like Fleetwood Mac) are important. It's important you go see live music. The minute you stop enjoying music; is when you stop enjoying life, quit fucking, and die.

So yeah. YOU GO TO THE SHOW!!! :D

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