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dannyhatch 11-12-2016 04:04 PM

13: #Burn2016totheGround
On this episode the Wrap Pack (@DannyHatch & @RagingApathetic) hosts a live chat party/funeral for America in this special No-Fucks-Given edition of Wrap It Up! They discuss the rise of Führer Trump, take some calls and try to process our new dystopian future.

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lalalemon 11-13-2016 07:03 PM

Libby! Thank you for calling out Keith for his ignorant comments regarding Trump's candidacy/presidency. The whole "it will be hilarious" thing really bothered me over the last few months. Even his reluctant "I guess I'll do that right thing and vote for Hillary" was grating. Really? How can you not be supportive of a candidate that wants help secure rights for people who need them most?

We are in this position because 1) white people are scared and hateful and 2) white people can't look past their own perspective to understand how the current state of government will have very REAL and negative consequences for women, POC, immigrants, LGBT folk, the poor ...the list goes on.

This is not the time (nor will it ever be) to watch the world burn because it will be funny. Grow up.

Keith 11-14-2016 08:47 PM

I don't shut up, I grow up, and when I look at you I throw up.

I'm sorry I didn't check the Hillary box hard enough.

During the primaries, as (apparently) a registered Republican, I still didn't vote for Trump, and I announced that. Also, SNL had Trump having fun before it got so scary, just like I said Can it be so bad? I think they more than made up for that just like I was clear Trump is bad news. All my Maybe it'll be funnies was before, to me, things got so racist and rapey. The last few months? Shame on you.

Oh I can't wait till Trump takes away your right to type.

P.S. I will NOT choke on dicks, so...

Edited to P.P.S. I didn't try enough for Bernie? I didn't give a fuck at all? I didn't have an opinion on right and wrong? No, YOU choke on the dicks. YOU CHOKE ON THE DICKS!

Seriously though, if the world doesn't get so much worse, I'll be taking my apologies one at a time. I'll be starting with Danny, Libby is second, and we'll take it from there.

lalalemon 11-14-2016 09:18 PM

What can I say- Libby does quite a job getting the Phillip's Heads fired up. Imo, the progression of clips in this show is a microcosm of the attitudes shared by a large portion of the general electorate. The refusal to take this election seriously (until damn near the time the votes were being tallied) and the vilifying of the only qualified candidate by moderate voters paired with the outright sexism, racism, xenophobia of much of middle the southern US has got us where we are right now. Not that the "lesser of two evils" argument wasn't understandable, but I am so bothered by the fact that from day 1 Trump did nothing but prove what a sociopath he is. Why did it take reasonable people (that's you, Keith) so long to come around and voice earnest support for the person who would have promoted and protected the basic rights of American citizens?

If we were louder, more firm in our support earlier on, would we be where we are right now? Of course the blames also lies with the very real problem of sexism and racism, but I think a more unified progressive front could have changed the outcome. Maybe in all of this we'll know better?

We'll get em next time?

Sparrow 11-14-2016 09:54 PM

all of this is very scary and complicated. i'm just gonna get a butt ton of guns, horde ammunition, and wait until somebody comes on my property.

Keith 11-14-2016 10:37 PM

You don't think that accent will save you?

Rosa 11-14-2016 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 856700)
I'll be taking my apologies one at a time. I'll be starting with Danny, Libby is second, and we'll take it from there.

Donald Trump Whines About 'Phony' Attack Ads That Feature Him Speaking His Own Words | The Huffington Post

Keith 11-14-2016 10:48 PM

Ok, I'll have you at #3.

Just being positive. My bad.

Rosa 11-14-2016 10:51 PM

Trump calls protests 'unfair' in first controversial tweet as president-elect

Rosa 11-14-2016 10:55 PM

Very unfair!

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