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WittyReference 08-12-2013 11:46 PM

The whole fast food pay thing is still doing my head in. If anyone thinks that a full time job should be able to pay you an amount that keeps you under the poverty line then you fail the basic humanity test and that's 1 strike and you're dead.

They cost you tax money in the welfare they are paid. Wouldn't you rather Mcdonalds, who can easily afford it, to pay the difference instead? In 2008 they're CEO was paid $1.8 million in salary and another $26 million in bonuses etc.

I think an easy way to raise low income is make it have to be a percentage of the highest paid worker at the same company. I'll be very generous and make it only 1%, so if the CEO makes $1 million then minimum wage is 10k. So if he still wants his $28 million a year he'll have to start paying them $280 000.

You would think anyone making their living from people subscribing to their podcast would be (at least selfishly) sympathetic as you rely on people having disposable income to spend on you. It's in your own interest to see everyone paid a decent wage. When Henry Ford started producing cars, not many people could afford them so he raised his own workers salaries. Then they all bought cars from him and gave him all that money back.

Scumhook 08-12-2013 11:54 PM

McDonalds is already fucking expensive (for what you get).

I don't want to pay $25 for a fucking cheeseburger because they have to pay some fucking 12 yo girl or 25 yo autistic twice as fucking much.

The market will sort itself out. If maccas isn't paying enough, then they won't be able to find workers.

The CEO is getting paid what he's getting paid because he's running a massive organisation, not flipping burgers and serving cold food to suckers at the drive thru.

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