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Mandias 09-19-2014 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by John Galt (Post 831825)
So that would include Prohibition, the suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War, and the laws by which the Salem witches were murdered?

Honestly, the "government's" effective purpose in hanging witches was to keep so many from being hanged. Libertarianism, even though it proclaims leaving the individual alone, would have probably led to a bunch of individuals hanging and burning the fuck out of a bunch of other individuals for just looking like they had gotten a bad night's sleep.

John Galt 09-19-2014 01:50 PM

I'm simply pointing out that extreme government interference in people's lives didn't start with the New Deal. I'm not defending any of that interference or the reactions (real or imagined) of the individuals involved.

robotparker 09-19-2014 02:19 PM

"Do not allow a sorceress to live."
Exodus 22:18

John Galt 09-19-2014 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by robotparker (Post 831889)
"Do not allow a sorceress to live."
Exodus 22:18

You do realize that theocracy is another form of government, right?

robotparker 09-19-2014 05:40 PM


TrickyToro 09-22-2014 05:02 PM

no t, no shade towards Chris
But kudos to Chemda's response to Chris's weird conflation of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism. 3rd wave feminists have a prominent contingent that embrace porn and sexuality.

Keith 09-22-2014 05:17 PM

I'm 4th wave, baby.

(That's mainly about the ass.)

bithead 09-22-2014 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by boobs (Post 831802)
Anyone have thoughts on stowing away this amount of pot on a plane nowadays?

I'm pretty sure you can carry it in plain view right through security. Come to think of it, I believe there's pot at the Duty Free.

daemon 09-26-2014 05:17 PM

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