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Lanfear 11-20-2017 02:15 PM

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Originally Posted by The Girl (Post 864639)
This is what BabyButt says about my pitamins:

I give you Calcium, Biotin, Omega 3s, and Vitamin c.

You have one glucosamine complex for joints.

For your thyroid and MG:
Huperzine A (Chinese herb that is said to help the patients of the rare disease of MG)
Oregano Oil
Cumin Seed Oil
RSO oil

The autoimmune disease you have does not have a cure. Only Pharmaceuticals that have terrible side effects and addictive properties.

I've had to do research based on the one in a million percentage of people that have the same condition you do and saw what worked for them.

If I were not purchasing these capsules from trusted sources in my opinion, I would be making them myself.


MG is myasthenia gravis

That doesn't sound like 50 pills a day.

I do fully believe all these pills come from trusted sources and I do trust it's all meant to help.

But also just from the show pic most of these look like multi-purpose pills.

The only one that I can read the label on from show pics is the 'pure thyroid support'
Which already has all of this:
Attachment 62015

So now you are doubling up on vitam C & tumeric. And I'd bet a lot of these pills throw in extra vitamin C because they believe you only take a 1 or 2 supplements a day. But you take 20 and then your tummy can hurt because that can happen with too much vitamin C.

lizsquiz 11-20-2017 03:30 PM

Keith has absolutely said pussy pie. Usually as part of the phrase "sweet pussy pie". I'm actually shocked pussy pie wasn't the name of an episode.

Mermaid 11-20-2017 03:33 PM

Shitting in someone's drink could have resulted in a manslaughter charge or worse.

People die from e. Coli and salmonella.

Yall just did a story the other day about a college student doing nasty shit to her roommates stuff.

The only difference is that she's actually having to pay for her nasty ass bullshit.

Enunciated Piffle 11-20-2017 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by lizsquiz (Post 864642)
Keith has absolutely said pussy pie. Usually as part of the phrase "sweet pussy pie"

I’m pro weed but if Keith can’t remember getting a slice of sweet pussy pie, (down in Pound Town) maybe it’s time to lay off the green.

Jo_Culprit 11-20-2017 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 864648)
Nazi stuff is forbidden.

I've often wondered why in the US they don't just outlaw the KKK?

I'm usually a very pro free speech kind of person and have heard all the arguments against being too Authoritarian and 'letting racists be racist so you know where the racists are" but damn, I wanna draw the line at people who's baseline belief and history is one that dehumanizes other people.

Why aren't they designated as domestic terrorists?

Jo_Culprit 11-20-2017 04:54 PM

Also, for the pole, are we talking about sexual aggressors or sexual predators?
is an aggressor someone that's coming across too strong and they've heard 'no' but continue? or is that predator territory?

I think guys can forget that they can come across physically threatening because they're approaching someone that has 'sexual power' to them. Like that saying when a guy is with a girl that's noticeably better looking than him, "punching above his weight".

In the case of Christian Finnegan, the story sounded like he had put himself previously in the same category as Pat Dixon "middle aged, white guy comedian". Then hadn't mentally separated Pat Dixon from himself based on Pat's actions until Keith brought it up. I'd like to hear on the forums from people that voted "Yes". I'm wondering if it's just mental association thing where they're looking at the class of the sexual aggressor not categorizing them by their actions?

Joe-mama 11-20-2017 05:18 PM

Calling out
Why should anyone be nervous. If you have nothing to be ashamed of let it roll.

Mermaid 11-20-2017 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Jo_Culprit (Post 864650)
I've often wondered why in the US they don't just outlaw the KKK?

Why aren't they designated as domestic terrorists?

Because why would they designate a group that they are a part of as a terrorist organization?

After all they are just some good ole boys...

astrokahn 11-20-2017 05:55 PM

When Andrea and Chemda were talking about this "I wasn't hitting on you, you're crazy, you SOMEHOW misread the signals" garbage.

One I went to Home Depot to find dirt that wasn't infested with ready-to-hatch, plant eating grubs (hint: go somewhere else) and so I asked the man working there what I should buy. He was very knowledgeable and we talked about dirt for a while. I asked him if I could have his email address for questions I might have in the future. About dirt.

Later in the week a few questions came up so I emailed him. What I got in response was a reply containing a song he included because it "made him
Think of me". SADLY, IT WAS A CREED SONG. "If I couuuulllld, then I woullllld..I'd go wherever you would gooooo..."

I emailed him back and incredibly politely let him know that he misread the situation and I'm not interested in receiving love songs from him, to which he freaked the fuck out and told me I was crazy because he ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WAS NOT HITTING ON ME.

True story, this has happened twice, two men, two love songs. Apparently guys everywhere must be sending each other love songs as constantly as girls apparently experiment making out with eachother in college, because, ya know, I totally misread the sitch twice. My bad.

The Girl 11-20-2017 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 864640)
Do you know how much you are taking of those things?

Like in milligrams.

Ashwagansa- 400mg Tumeric- 2,000mg Black Seed Oil (cumin)- 500mg Probiotic- 8 billion CFUs (probiotic and prebiotic) Oil of Oregano- 460 mg Hawaiian Astaxanthin/Spirulina- 8mg Glucosamine HCL- 1500mg Biotin- 5000mcg Omega 3- 100mg (DHA 50mg) Vitamin C- 500mg Calcium- 500mg (vitamin D3 800IU)

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