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jcro21 10-24-2019 12:49 PM

Ew Jesse has dozens of taxidermied animals in his house WTF??? You think you know someone after 80+ episodes and 10+ years, I guess this is what happens when good honest people move to Los Angeles.

Bucho 10-24-2019 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by invader (Post 878954)
[SIZE="7"]You guys have no idea how much I always love the dynamic of you three.

Maybe my greatest KATG regret is we never got that sitcom where Jesse and Keith basically play themselves as roommates with that magical dynamic at the core of the show.

Carruthers 10-24-2019 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Bucho (Post 878946)
I was thankful he said he only eyerolls internally at yoga. With those massive peepers can you imagine the carnage if it was external?

Now doubting climate change responsible for cyclones

shoebootie 10-24-2019 03:25 PM

The pic of Jesse's den is way more than I'd expected to see. If you like weird shit and taxidermied animals, check out Space Farms Museum and Zoo in Sussex, NJ and check out Goliath the Bear, the gem of their taxidermy collection.

I voted "no" in the poll, it's not for me, but I can see the justification of "well they're vintage dead animals, not fresh dead animals."

lizsquiz 10-24-2019 03:30 PM

Jesse's den is straight out of a nightmare or a horror movie.

shoebootie 10-24-2019 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 878964)
I donít enjoy dead animals staring at me.

yet Jesse can bang it out in front of their dead eyes. go figure!

littlp 10-24-2019 04:22 PM

That den is straight out of a movie set about an African Safari hunter.

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otterintheflightdeck 10-24-2019 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by ThePinkSuperhero (Post 878955)
I was dying during the fake orgasm segment. Someone please post it for most funniest moment if I don't get to it first!

+1. Is there a "Best New Ringtone" category?

porky2468 10-25-2019 02:38 AM

Jesse's den is horrific, but I understand what he and punk'n are saying. He's not creating more demand for the killing of animals. This is how I justify wearing my bobble hat... I found it on the floor (because I'm gross) and it turned out the bobble is raccoon fur and it's so warm and snug. But I didn't buy it from the company so didn't increase their sales.

porky2468 10-25-2019 02:45 AM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 878963)
Oh I, sure it happens a lot. I just think a priest can manipulate the victim with religion in addiction to this.

I'm yet to get to this part in the episode, but will chime in anyway...

Sport can be as important to some people as religion. It might be your dream to be a professional athlete, or it might be your way into college (because college is insanely expensive in America!!). So now this guy has the power to help you make that happen, or he could ruin it all for you.

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