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Keith 08-05-2020 04:47 PM

3303: Sweet and Lowdown w/ May Wilkerson
All new The Ren & Stimpy Show; quarantine and L.A. anxiousness; Beirut, Lebanonís ammonium nitrate explosion and Keithís deadly school volcano; comic Bryan Callen rape allegation feedback; Ellen Degeneres celebrity accusers and defenders; 59-year-old Sean Penn married 28-year-old Leila George D'Onofrio; Trump campaign begins to believe masks work; McDonaldís requires masks in U.S.; Jake Paulís FBI raid; Keithís 12-year-old stepsonís life goals

May Wilkerson

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Archimedes_Screw 08-05-2020 07:50 PM

Keithís medically long ding dong is his large and girthy cross to bear.

Apia resurrected 08-06-2020 02:53 AM

I also feel a sense of community in the club of anxious people now.
My problem is, as I told you before, intrusive thoughts with worst case scenarios.

Example: can’t find the dog, so I immediately see pictures of our dead dog, run over by a car and how I have to tell it to the children and clean the street in front of our house of the dead dog. Where will I put the dog parts? In the trash? Seems wrong but where else?
I can’t dig a deep enough hole with all the things I have to do! And I know my husband was against having a dog grave in our small backyard when the old dog died. So I need a good trash bag. And then make an appointment with a dog crematorium. Will the bag we have endure the weight? It’s about 25 kg. How will I do it that the children don’t see it?

My visions are always weirdly detailed and practical.

The dog comes back from the basement 2 minutes later, I feel relief but still feel lots of stress because of my horror visions.

Now everyone is anxious. Unfortunately some of my intrusive thoughts when it comes to COVID were more like a forecast.

Apia resurrected 08-06-2020 03:13 AM

I admit, when I see a male celebrity dating or having a wedding with a woman 20+ years younger, I like him less.
I don’t feel the same with same sex relationships, with women and younger men also less.
I think it’s because it reinforces the old power structure.
I also think that man wants to be admired and doesn’t want to grow.
Also when I see for example what Leonardo DiCaprio is doing, it’s like the women are products and if you get tired of one you replace her with a new model.

Keith 08-06-2020 08:42 PM

Was the poll cleverly written too confusingly or are the results really people's thoughts?

guitarrob 08-07-2020 10:53 AM

The Ellen show
After all the talk of the Ellen show being a very toxic work environment, I thought I would share this first hand account.

When my wife and I lived in Las Vegas, I worked for Zappos, the online clothing/shoe company. I worked in the call center, so we would get calls from literally everywhere and everyone, including famous people and producers/directos. One of which was a representative for the Ellen show.

A little background:
Zappos was famous for next day delivery, but only if you ordered by 1pm pacific time.

About midway through my shift, the production director for the Ellen show called and wanted to place an order for 55 blue raincoats for a skit involving young kids. She called to try and place the order and DEMANDED that the order be shipped next day.
I calmly tried to explain that since she was an hour past the cutoff, there was no guarantee the coats would show up on time. I was then berated and screamed at by this production director, including the typical "Do you know who I am?" "I'm gonna have your job!", and most importantly "Ellen needs this to go off without a hitch and she will more than likely fire me if this doesn't happen the way she wants".

Granted, she could have been lying, but it definitely stuck out in my mind as Ellen being a shitty person to work for, and her staff being overly shitty as well.

memecherry 08-07-2020 12:55 PM

Pretty sure Jake Paulís house got raided by the feds because he works with a former criminally charged pimp who is being accused of raping girls in Jakes mansion using Jakes name to get them over for modeling opportunities. That guys vegas mansion was also raided. Also guns were recovered from Jakes mansion... donít think itís about the parties...

Skyler 08-07-2020 02:13 PM

The poll not being "poon" vs "medically large ding-dong" was a bit of a disappointment.

shoebootie 08-07-2020 03:05 PM

"pants constrict my pecker but i still wear them! i have a medically long ding dong!"

I'm crying laughing. Pecker is one of the funniest words to me in the English language.

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