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Andrea_Allan 08-12-2020 05:15 PM

3306: [Relationships] w/ Joe DeVito
COVID-19 and Joe’s relationship tournament; Joe Biden announces his running mate: CA Sen. Kamala Harris; upcoming presidential debates; mail-in ballots

Joe Devito

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Archimedes_Screw 08-12-2020 06:08 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed the affable incel episode. He was such a good sport about it lol

Archimedes_Screw 08-12-2020 06:18 PM

She got a 3 in smart! Fucking dead lol

Eliiiii 08-12-2020 07:37 PM

Avoid the apppocalypse
Joe and The Gootz must never meet 😳

Keith 08-12-2020 07:43 PM

Is there any planet where Gootz can grow up and be... what’s the word... a Joe?

I guess I mean “better.”

bagelwagel 08-12-2020 10:19 PM

Yes, with some serious and miraculous places brain injury.

Apia resurrected 08-12-2020 11:08 PM

Kamala Harris seems to be smart, full of energy and non senile to me.
That’s pretty good.

rodimusprime 08-13-2020 12:08 AM

I couldn't tell if Joe was IN on the joke or just knew that everyone was laughing at him. Either way I appreciate his attitude. Hilarious episode.

porky2468 08-13-2020 02:39 AM

When he said making a list of things that were important to him I thought "yeah, that's smart" imagining it was things like marriage, kids, goals, things you like doing for fun. But no, it was are you within 10 years of my age and are you hot. And then making it a competition, oh my.

Apia resurrected 08-13-2020 03:39 AM

At least he is tying to improve?

Before I met Mr. Apia I also made a list what I wanted in a partner.

As far as I remember that was on:

1. about my age 5 years + or -

2. available and interested to be in a relationship

3. not a regular smoker of cigarettes

4. must like his job at least ok. I don’t care what the job is. Just don’t complain every day to me without changing anything.

5. lives close to me

6. no racists, homophobes etc.

It worked for me to figure out what I want and what really don’t.

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