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Keith 03-12-2021 05:02 PM

3383: Problem Areas w/ Wyatt Cenac
Wyatt talks about his letter campaign to get on SNL and how it landed him an internship on the show, his attempt to interview his father’s murderer, being the only black person at work/in the writers’ room, and his disagreement with a sketch that led to a fight with Jon Stewart while working at The Daily Show

Wyatt Cenac

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Archimedes_Screw 03-12-2021 05:43 PM

Can’t wait to listen. The show notes alone should win a KATGUH

joslingeneva 03-12-2021 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw (Post 888163)
Can’t wait to listen. The show notes alone should win a KATGUH

Best episode of the year so far hands down

jamjam 03-12-2021 11:44 PM

KATGuh award nomination: best serious reporting
This show got into exploring the experiences of Wyatt and Chemda and really got deep. It got serious points across in a thorghtful and respectful way.

This isn’t “just” a comedy show; it’s not “just” some random internet chit-chat; this is serious interviewing.

It also had me laughing and enjoying myself at the same time.

Y’all are awesome. This episode is awesome. Thank you for getting Wyatt in and letting him tell his story.

Apia resurrected 03-13-2021 12:44 AM

Have you ever sent a letter through the mail?

I wonder what that’s about.
I can only say of course, I was born in a time and space where this was the best technique we had.

thirteen 03-13-2021 11:34 AM

What a beautiful discussion.

punk'n 03-13-2021 02:14 PM

I love love LOVE Wyatt!

We have so much in common. I also lost my dad at a young age (not to murder) but it affected me similarly.

I also got my current internship by writing random letters (email)

I am working for a pod called Unjust and Unsolved that is trying to get wrongfully convicted folks out of jail. I got the job cos I emailed my resume to their Instagram.

I totally agree with Wyatt about the criminal justice system. It's become my life's work to help change it. He's so brave and strong to have compassion for his father's murderer and if more people were like him our society would be so much better.


FingerLakes 03-13-2021 09:03 PM

"Do you yell?"

mxmalloryjane 03-14-2021 03:58 AM

This might sound like a weird way to describe a comedy interview, but this episode was so graceful. All three of you brought a care and curiosity that was a pleasure to listen to.

And Cenac delivered one of the most satisfying lines when he was addressing how he doesn’t really think of himself as an activist, but that he just talks about the things that bother him... “for Jerry Seinfeld it’s socks in a dryer, for me it’s police brutality”

Blitzgal 03-15-2021 07:39 AM

This was a really great show. As I was listening, I had idly thought about looking up the Herman Cain bit until I reached the point of the show where Wyatt and Chemda discussed the irony of giving it more hits just by talking about it, and that really hit me. So I'm not looking it up. I don't need to watch it. I need to listen to Wyatt's voice in discussing his experience with the incident.

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