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Keith 05-18-2021 03:38 PM

You had me at links. Thank you!!!

Bucho 05-18-2021 09:40 PM




I found Jesse around the same time I found KATG on Podcast Alley, way back in the Wild West podcast landscape days in '05. At the time I test-drove all of the Top 30-ish shows in the PA Comedy section (KATG was either #1 or #2, vying with Dawn and Drew) and Jesse's "The Sound of Young America" (renamed a few years ago to "Bullseye") was in there somewhere.

It turned out that only 4 of those Top 30 were worth a damn and TSOYA was one of them (the other two were history by 2008), and for the last SIXTEEN MOTHER-EFFING YEARS I've been DREAMING of the day either KATG would be on TSOYA/Bullseye/JJGo or Jesse would be on KATG.

This episode was nothing short of MAGICAL.

Maya 05-20-2021 04:46 PM

Finally got around to this episode, just in time for the cease fire.

Like Chemda, I was raised with the one sided rhetoric about Israel and Palestine (Jewish day school and all). It really is so difficult to view this in an unbiased way and it's also heartbreaking to see many people dying yet again over this. It's hard not to side with Israel when my family is running to bomb shelters in the middle of the night but at least my family does have bomb shelters to run to and kipat barzel (iron dome defense) to protect them. Also, Israelis need to get the fuck out of East Jerusalem, what the fuck. I'm glad we're approaching a cease fire but I know this is just another temporary stop and people will keep dying.

Less depressingly; Xerxes, Shoko Besakit is well worth the trip, rockets and all!

Chemda, do you cut the corner of the bag or rip it with your teeth? I always rip, not fancy enough for scissors.

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